Dakota 48v 60ah Golf Cart Battery package
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Dakota 48v 60ah Golf Cart Battery package

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Built Dakota tough, this 48V (volt) lithium battery set will help you play longer with twice the run time for your golf cart or electric vehicle, while lasting 4x longer, providing exceptional lifetime value. Built out of our legendary lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, this battery set requires no maintenance or watering, can be installed in any orientation, and can charge 5X faster then lead acid – giving you more time, and more freedom on and off the green. The best part is a set of Dakota Lithium weighs 1/4 as much as a set of lead acid golf cart batteries, allowing you to cut 300 lbs or more off your cart. Experience better golf cart handling, less wear & tear, and lower maintenance costs. Drop in replacement for most 48V golf carts. Free 48V 8A LiFePO4 charger included.


New battery package combines 4 of our award winning 12V 60Ah DL+ or 12V 135Ah DL+ dual purpose cranking batteries in series to create a 48V system capable of 1,000 Cold Cranking Amps — enough to start your car engine, and more then enough power for most golf carts. Other brands of lithium batteries in the past have had issues with the battery shutting off because their golf cart needed more amps then the battery could provide. By using automotive technology the DL+ line of batteries provides both the high power needed for even the most rugged of golf carts, while also providing 10 to 20+ miles (60Ah) or 40 to 60+ miles (135Ah) of lasting deep cycle performance. Battery range varies depending on the size of golf cart, the size of the cart’s motor, and terrain.


Please note, if you are uncertain about the size of your carts motor or motor controller then the DL+ 135Ah battery (50 mile option) is highly recommended. The DL+ 135Ah battery is the best solution since it is compatible with even the largest motor controllers.

48v Golf carts May require a lithium battery with a higher max Ah discharge rate, due to the high draw when first hitting the throttle. 

Other deep cycle only batteries will not work in your Golf cart. It will not engage the power due to be over max draw.

Backwoods has this issue revolved with the 60ah combo starting batteries. They will allow up to 750ah max draw to get you going.  


This kit includes 

- 4x Dakota 60ah starting batteries 



A multi-purpose work horse, the DL+ 12V 60Ah is built for high performance in the most rugged and varied of conditions. Start your car or boat’s engine, crank up the car audio, or run your trolling motor or other deep cycle electronics — this is one battery built to power many passions. Engineered with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) technology this battery has twice the power, half the weight, and lasts 4 times longer than a lead acid battery – providing exceptional lifetime value. Built for dual purpose performance the DL+ provides 1,000 cold cranking amps (CCA) and a high continuous discharge rate, making it a great choice for high amp draw applications like starting engines, car audio, heavy machinery, golf carts, or any electronics that require a lot of power at one time. In addition, the DL+ provides the same legendary deep cycle marine performance that Dakota Lithium batteries are known for, giving you lots of power for a long time. This is the most versatile Dakota Lithium battery and includes a terminal adapter kit compatible with most marine, automotive, and deep cycle applications. Easily link in series to create 24V, 36V, or 48V systems. LiFePO4 charger included. Backed up by an 11 year warranty.




World beating, best in class, eleven year manufacturer defect warranty.


60 ampere hours (Ah). Dakota Lithium batteries provide consistent power for all 60 amp hours. DL LiFePO4 batteries have a flat voltage curve, which means they have a steady power output as the battery discharges. The power output will not dramatically drop like similar sized SLA batteries. You get all the juice down to the last drop.




Rated to 1,000 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) of engine starting power. Suitable for marine, automotive, and other applications. 1/4-1/2 the weight of a normal car battery.


9.5”L x 6.9” W x 7.44” H (242.5mm x 176mm x 189 mm) Group 24 equivalent


Group 24 equivalent for physical dimensions & terminal location. Cranking power (CCA rating) & usable deep cycle capacity is much higher than a lead-acid battery of the same group size.


768 Watts (Wh)


F12 terminals (posts that screw in) with M8 size bolts. Includes a terminal adapter kit with automotive & marine posts that screw into the M8 bolt terminal, and M8 brass terminal bolts. Easy to adapt to different connection needs.


The terminal layout for this first production batch has the positive (+) on the left and the negative (-) on the right. Please check your wiring harness for length.


16.5 lbs (7.5 Kg). 65% lighter than a SLA or lead battery.


Up to 80% capacity for 2,000 cycles in recommended conditions. The typical SLA has 500 cycles. Dakota Lithium batteries last so long that the price per use is a fraction of traditional batteries.


Ideal for rugged & harsh environments. Much better than SLA or other lithium batteries. -20'F min, +150'F max optimal operating temps (battery performs well down to -20'F). Avoid charging below 32'F. Discharge cut off at - 20'F / -20'C. Charge cut off at 23'F / - 5'C. BMS high temp cut off at 167'F / 75'C.


100 A max continuous discharge, 750A max 2 second pulse, 650A max 5 sec pulse. The flat discharge voltage curve provides a 75% bigger capacity then a SLA 50Ah battery.


Recommend for longest life 60A or less (1C), Max continuous 80A (1.5C). 14.4 V recommended, 15 V max, BMS protection from over charging will cut off at 15V. Included is a free 12V 10 Amp (A) LiFePO4 compatible charger that charges at the recommended 14.4 Volts..


Drop in replacement for lead acid and AGM starter batteries for most mid-sized vehicles. Can be charged by an engine's alternator at 80 Amps or less. For very large alternators with alternators >100Amps (Diesel trucks, large boat engines) a DC-DC charger is recommended to protect the battery and ensure a longer lifespan.


Contains a high discharge capable circuit that handles cell balancing, low voltage cutoff (10V) preventing over discharge, high voltage cutoff (15V) preventing over charging, short circuit protection and temperature protection for increased performance and longer life.


Contains a smart BMS temperature cutoff that prevents charging when cells are below 0'F/C and protects the battery.


All DL batteries are UN 38 certified. Dakota Lithium's cells are UL1642 certified and have been tested per IEC62133 standards. Meets all US & International regulations for air, ground, train, & marine transport.


Multi-purpose use as a deep cycle battery and/or as a starter battery for starting gasoline engines.


10A LiFePO4 charger included